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Shas: Huawei’s Golden Partner

Viaarabia, The authorized agent for Huawei smartphones in Saudi Arabia has recently accomplished a major achievement in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (CES 2015), by obtaining the Golden Partner Shield of Huawei, given the company’s accomplishment in raising the share of Huawei in the market and enhancing the site and brand reputation of Huawei in the Saudi market.

Viaarabia has marked the second largest growth in the world for Huawei (in Saudi Arabia) after Germany, which occupied the first place in the worldwide sales growth of Huawei. Besides, Viaarabia is considered to be one of the leading companies in the smartphone market in Saudi Arabia.

In his speech, Mr. Jim Xu, sales and services director, Huawei international announced: “In the framework of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (CES) we honor today outstanding partners around the world, partners who have contributed to the expansion of Huawei  smartphones and to raising its market share in their respective countries, and on top of the list Viaarabia, our agent in Saudi Arabia, by giving them the accredited Huawei’s Golden Partner Shield.”

From his side Mr. Tarek Ghoneim, chairman of Viaarabia noted: “Ever since we started collaborating with Huawei international we strived to enhance the position of Huawei in the Saudi market and expand the fan base of this brand name that’s locally new yet prestigious across the world. God has helped us thanks to our joint efforts to raise Huawei’s share in the Saudi market and raise the value of the Huawei brand to highly competitive ranks, by expanding our dealer network and intensifying our marketing campaigns and continuous offers and promotions.”

Mr. Mohamed Ali, CEO of Viaarabia, commented: “We thank Mr. Jim Xu for offering us the Huawei’s Golden Partner Shield and we reaffirm our commitment to continue providing the best services to Huawei customers in Saudi Arabia within our loyalty to the brand’s values represented by Huawei in quality, technology and distinctive service.”169da826235a05f30cbabf18dde65994 4100576215dd5c2352a1ef993b6013fd 258c96d70537bc498d27c6ce936b42cc c6a2fd193753eb40feac59830057d94c

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