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Samsung and the Viaarabia – SESL Opening Night

Mr. ( Tarek Ghoneim ), Chairman of ( Viaarabia ) has opened largest Smart lounge of (Samsung) Products in the Middle East at Tahlia Street Riyadh to enrich the life of the community in the Kingdom of the latest Samsung smart products, Mr. ( Lee Chung- Ro ) Samsung Chairman in the Middle East and North Africa has attend the event and gave a speech, The Smart lounge has many visitors interested in the event. This Lounge is gaining importance from the opening in Tahlia Street which is considered one of the most vibrant streets of the capital and commercially active. Where the exhibition focuses on a review of the latest Samsung devices smart and innovative allows customers to enjoy access to a unique experience in the exploration and purchase wide range of Samsung Smart products including Smartphones, tablets, laptops and kids zone, all that is supported by a professional crew to explain to the client and assist the client to pick the most suitable device, The Special guest Mr. ( Chung Lee Rowe ) said in his opening speech “Our partnership with ( Viaarabia) is getting stronger and it helps us in expanding in the Saudi market through managed professional led Engineer ( Tarek Ghoneim ) and engineer ( Muhammad Ali ) Executive Director at (Viaarabia ) which helped us to cover more areas in Saudi Arabia, Engineer ( Tarek Ghoneim ) Chairman (Viaarabia) was delighted by the event, mentioning the commitment support ( Viaarabia ) support ( Samsung ) absolute in the Saudi market, The Engineer Ghoneim , “This Lounge provides to our customers in the Kingdom one place to see the latest developments in the world (Samsung) Technology Advanced Smart and identify the full range of different electronic devices, stressing that the lounge will provide a unique experience in the world of shopping embody the spirit of communication between devices ( Samsung ) and the user, to identify the unique features and the many offered by Samsung smart devices

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